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Mortivinea Thornlocks

Artist: 3dartdigital

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Part of the Corrupted Wood collection from the 3dartdigital

Tears flowed freely down Queen Bronaugh Tree-Mother's face at the sight of Mortivinea.  "no...Aoife." Anger swiftly replaced grief, as crackling green lightning surrounded the fairy queen.  She aimed a figure at the mad, writhing creature.  "I must release you, daughter..."

Mortivinea was once Aoife Tree-Daughter, faerie princess, and the daughter of Queen Bronaugh Tree-Mother.  She, like all faeries captured by Planterio, had her wings torn off, and her mystical power siphoned off to feed his ever-growing might.  Normally, Planterio throws his victims to the various predatory plants growing around his henge, but he wanted to make a statement with Aoife.  Thus, he transformed her, and warped her mind in the process. Aoife is dead, and in her place stands Mortivinea Thornlocks.  Her former subjects horrified and disillusioned at the sight of their once-gentle princess maiming and killing for the Corrupted Wood.   

Product Info

Scale 32mm
Number Of Minis 1
Number Of Parts 1
Aprox. Models Dims D x W x H 40mm x 45mm x 65mm
Aprox. Base Diameter 30mm
Base Included Attached
Material Resin


Items are made to order. Please allow for 1-2 Weeks for prints to be processed, printed, and packaged for shipping. Orders are processed in order in which they are received. All Items will come in Gray Resin unpainted, there may be small blips on the model due to the supports needed these supports are minimal and attempted to be place as to not ruin important details of the model. Some assembly and gluing may be required.

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