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Artist: 3dartdigital

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Part of the Kingdom Of Coralan collection from the 3dartdigital.  

The pirates guffawed and pointed at the small, fish-like creature staring at them from the sea with its mirrored eyes.  Their laughter died as pair after pair of eyes joined it, surrounding the bedraggled crew in their all-too-small dingey.  Then cries of fear and terror left the pirates' throats as a terrible, high-pitched sound rose from the waves, around them.  It was laughter.  

Soldiers: Lophinites mainly form tribal groups existing on the fringes of the Kingdom of Coralan.  Some lophinite tribes joined the kingdom, but are largely regarded as primitive savages and second-class citizens.  Despite this, they are prized by some merfolk as servants because of the beautiful light they can generate from the anglers on their heads.  


Product Info

Scale 32mm
Number Of Minis 12
Number Of Parts 54
Aprox. Models Dims D x W x H range from 25mm x 25mm x 30mm to 40mm x 25mm x 45mm
Aprox. Base Diameter 25mm
Base Base Included
Material Resin


Items are made to order. Please allow for 1-2 Weeks for prints to be processed, printed, and packaged for shipping. Orders are processed in order in which they are received. All Items will come in Gray Resin unpainted, there may be small blips on the model due to the supports needed these supports are minimal and attempted to be place as to not ruin important details of the model. Some assembly and gluing may be required.

For any questions contact us via our Contact Page.
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