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Artist: 3dartdigital

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Part of the Seelie Court collection from the 3dartdigital.  

Ansakara lifted her hand, keeping her animal friends in check, but just barely.  All it would take was just one movement of her hand, and a wave of engaged predators would fall upon her enemies in a tidal wave of tooth and claw.

Ansakara, a powerful and beautiful fairy noble, wages a one-woman war against the corrupted forest, especially when its animals are being harmed, as she feels closest to them, rather than other fairies.

Percival the Mountain Lion: Percival snarled, low and deep.  Any who threatened Ansakara would feel the might of his leonine rage.  

Bellator the Wolverine: Bellator snorted angrily, blowing dust.  The tenacious little creature would protect Ansakara with his life, and no less. 

Product Info

Scale 32mm
Number Of Minis 3
Number Of Parts 6
Aprox. Models Dims D x W x H (Ansakra) 45mm x 45mm x 65mm
Aprox. Models Dims D x W x H (Mountain Lion) 60mm x 10mm x 15mm
Aprox. Models Dims D x W x H (Wolverine) 20mm x 5mm x 10mm 
Aprox. Base Diameter (Ansakra) 30mm
Arpox. Base D x W (Mountain Lion) 50mm x 20mm
Arpox. Base Diameter (Wolverine) 20mm
Base Included
Material Resin


Items are made to order. Please allow for 1-2 Weeks for prints to be processed, printed, and packaged for shipping. Orders are processed in order in which they are received. All Items will come in Gray Resin unpainted, there may be small blips on the model due to the supports needed these supports are minimal and attempted to be place as to not ruin important details of the model. Some assembly and gluing may be required.

For any questions contact us via our Contact Page.
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