Seller Profile

  • What Color are the Products?

    All products whether it be Minis or Terrain, will come as a Gray color. If you wish to have a specific color you may Contact Us to get the pricing for the custom color.

  • Can I Customize minis?

    We are able to change the size of our products. We are not able to modify the products such as kit bashing.

  • Do you print custom models?

    If you wish to have a custom model made. You can Contact Us with the model, and we can determine pricing for the model.

  • How Are the Minis Made?

    All minis are made using resin 3d-printing. This provides the best results for bringing out the small details.

  • How is the terrain made?

    Terrain is made using FDM 3d-printing. This offers the best cost optimization for what could be large parts. Resin Options may be requested by Contacting Us for pricing of the model you want to be printed.

  • What Will My minis look like?

    All Minis will come gray, assembly may be required with use of glue and sanding. We try our best to preserve all details of the model, however due to the resin printing process there may be small bumps where supports made contact.

  • What Will My Terrain Look Like?

    Terrain will come gray. Assembly of sets will be required. Due to the FDM 3d-printing process there will be layer lines. We change the resolution of the layers depending on the terrain detail. If you have specific requests or needs Contact Us for those requests.

  • Who are the Artist?

    The artist are independent creators that we have licenses to print their minis. A full list of Artists and their Webpages can be found here.